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Deportation Defense

If immigrants are charged with a crime or are caught living or working in the United States illegally, they directly face removal from our country. Therefore, it is necessary for you to retain a knowledgeable and experienced immigration lawyer if you want to remain in the United States legally and furthermore obtain permanent residency and citizenship. In our law firm, we offer quality representation for immigrants who want to avoid immigration removal proceedings or deportation. We provide good advice and exact guidance to assist individuals to remain legally

1. Removal Hearings - DEPORTATION

Immigration removal proceedings determine whether an immigrant should be removed from the United States. An immigration judge must decide whether a foreign national qualifies for removal or is eligible for relief under special circumstances, including but not limited to:

  1. Voluntary Departure

    Accused immigrants choose to leave the country on their own accord.

  2. Cancellation of Removal

    Lawful Permanent residents and Non-lawful permanent residents may be eligible for a cancellation of removal if they meet the specified requirements.

  3. Asylum

    The immigrants are in the United States to escape political, religious, or cultural pressure and may be in danger if they return to their home country.

  4. Adjustment of Status

    We can help you lawfully change your status to a permanent resident, which may cancel the removal proceedings.

2. Bond Hearings

Occasionally, individuals are taken into custody by U.S. immigration officials, or immigration "holds" are placed on individuals while in criminal custody. We have substantial experience representing clients who are detained, and understand the complex issues involved with immigration custody.